MURCIA Investment

Our main task is negotiation

MURCIA™ is private investment firm that allocates its resources across various sectors, encompassing real estate, medical industries, food and beverages, tourism, and beyond.

MURCIA Investmnet
مرسية للإستثمار - Murcia Investment

MURCIA team expressed a preference not to directly link the brand with any particular activity among those in which the company invests, aiming instead for a unique and distinct identity.


The identity should reflect the professional and unconventional experience that all stakeholders will undergo.

We drew inspiration for elements of the logo from the core tasks the company excels in, namely meetings, negotiations, negotiation tables, and investment opportunities. Then, we designed the textual logo in traditional script to reflect the brand’s adopted characteristics according to the brand’s strategic activities, as well as the approved colors with their distinct shades.


We felt the success of the project from the very first activity undertaken by the company.

It demonstrated a high level of professionalism in delivering its services and the image it portrayed to its clients and partners. We noticed this in their interaction and the mutual trust that was established.

MURCIA Investment

مرسية للإستثمار - Murcia Investment
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